Dr. Donna Oriowo Makes Keynote Address – Alumni Spotlight

As we know, sex and sexuality are social justice issues, but there continues to be a blind spot in what is taught and how.
Donna Oriowo, Ph.D, LICSW, LCSW-C, M.Ed.
In her keynote at the recent National Sex Ed Conference in Atlantic City, NJ, Dr. Donna Oriowo, a Widener CHSS alum, addressed the importance of race in teaching about sex/sexuality education.
In her presentation, she spoke about being aware of and integrating cultural and racial perspectives in sex education with an emphasis on Black women, who tend to be all but forgotten in academia.

Dr. Oriowo shared that the objectives of her presentation were for participants to be able to: 1. Identify three reasons why it is important to have race/ethnicity inclusive sex education; 2. Identify one possible blind spot they personally have toward culturally relevant sex education; and 3. Identify one way to integrate racial and cultural differences into sexuality education. Dr. Oriowo also included a “secret” objective, which was for participants to know the difference between “YOU can do it! And should (with consultation) and You COULD do it, but shouldn’t. 

In her introduction, CHSS doctoral candidate Lorena Olvera Moreno said that it was an honor to introduce Dr. Oriowo because it is not common to see young black women as keynote speakers. She mentioned the importance of having women of color as keynote speakers and inviting young sexologists to share their knowledge. She also talked about the need for representation at conferences where a lot of members of the audience are young people of color but most of the presenters are white men and women.

Dr. Donna Oriowo is a speaker, sexuality educator, and therapist clinically licensed in DC, MD, & VA. Donna is the owner and lead therapist of AnnodRight which specializes in working with Black women who experience anxiety, depression, and self-esteem concerns related to sex and sexuality. AnnodRight serves to combine sexual and social justice as it relates to people of color, Black women specifically, with therapy, education, and supervision. Learn more at AnnodRight.com. 


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