The Human Sexuality Education Student Organization (HSEDSO) began in the fall of 2006. Its purpose is to represent the current cohort of CHSS students with a goal to connect past, present, and prospective students; teachers and faculty; counselors; therapists; educators; and similar professionals through social and professional networking, volunteer and job opportunities, advocacy, community outreach, and academic excellence.

In reflection of Widener University’s Human Sexuality Education Department’s position as the premier bastion of accredited graduate level sexuality education in the United States, they seek to develop our students academically, professionally and personally to maximize their success bringing positive and accurate sexual health information to the public through both our education and clinical work. Through this endeavor they also seek to promote the Widener University Human Sexuality Education program and all of its students, graduates, faculty and staff to both the greater Widener population and to the national and international professional sexuality community.

The 2016-2017 HSEDSO Board is:

Chair: Jeanae Hopgood-Jones (jmhopgood@mail.widener.edu)

Vice Chair: Ilyssa Boseski

Chair of Financial Affairs: JessiAnn Nwazue (jcnwazue@mail.widener.edu)

Workshops and Conferences Chair: Keedy Burdeshaw

Social Chair: Cindy Muñoz (cimunoz@widener.edu)

Commuter Student Liaison: Lisa Currie (lacurrie@mail.widener.edu)

Marketing Chair: Tara Johnson (tljohnson@mail.widener.edu)


Visit HSEDSO’s website at: https://hsedso.wordpress.com/