Dr. Jane Fleishman: Alumni Spotlight

Jane Fleishman, Ph.D. – 2016 Education Track graduate

After the elation she felt following her 2016 Widener graduation (and after removing her cap and gown), Dr. Jane Fleishman has been busy, to the say the least. Continuing to follow her passion in sexuality & aging in the LGBTQ community, she is in the process of turning her dissertation into a book. The work is titled “Coming of Age at the Time of Stonewall,” which is a memoir about sexuality, politics, and aging. She is also the author of numerous academic publications and has recently become AASECT certified.

She has also taken over a podcast called “Our Better Half” with fellow Widener alum Dr. Ashley Mader, who is also in Northampton, MA where she resides. The podcast focuses on what sexuality becomes for people over the age of 50 and attempts to dispel the common myth that sexuality becomes somehow unimportant the later in life one is. In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Fleishman continues to consult and speak with professionals who work with aging populations.

It has been a whirlwind year for Dr. Fleishman, but she would love to connect with more Widener people doing similar work. She wrote that she feels incredibly grateful to be a part of the Widener community.

Organization: Speaking About Sex

Organization home page: www.janefleishman.com

Podcast link: http://www.ourbetterhalf.net

2 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Fleishman: Alumni Spotlight”

  1. Jane is amazing. A terrific writer and planner. She didn’t mention that she is an AASECT Eastern Regional representative and has planned very successful sexuality programs in the NE, where colleagues can come together and share their work and ideas.

  2. I am very proud of your many accomplishments, Jane! I will start listening to the podcast – it is much-needed.

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