Dr. Connie Bonillas: Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Connie Bonillas, a 2005 Ph.D. Education Track graduate, has recently received the Illustrious Award for Higher Education from the Institute for Latino Studies. This event documented and highlighted the contributions of Tri-State Area Latinx to the advancement of the United States of America. We congratulate her on receiving this prestigious award!

Dr. Bonillas is an Associate Professor of Health and the Health Program Coordinator at Kean University, in Union, NJ.  Her college textbook, Sexual Health in a Diverse World, will debut its 3rd edition sometime in 2018.

Dr. Bonillas has been a faculty member in Kean’s Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Health since 2003. In 2012, she published the first edition of her sexuality textbook In 2011, she and Dr. Elisha Nixon co-authored the second edition of the health education college textbook, Listen Up! Student Voices on Critical Issues and Values in Real Life. 

In 2011 she also secured a 5-year $875,000 state grant to reduce teen pregnancy and a 3-year $465,000 federal grant to decrease the risk of gestational diabetes in Hispanic pregnant women.




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