Congratulations Dr. Sitron!

CHSS Community,

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Justin Sitron on his appointment of Director of the Center for Human Sexuality Studies and Associate Dean for the School of Human services Professions.  Dr. Sitron had been acting as Interim Director since January of 2017.

Dr. Sitron started his time at Widener in 2008 as a full time clinical assistant professor for Teacher Education and Human Sexuality Studies.  He started working full-time in Human Sexuality Studies in 2011 and became and associate professor in 2014.  Prior to his time as Interim Director he served as the Human Sexuality Studies PhD Program Director from 2014-2016.  Dr. Sitron co-founded the Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative and served as Director.

We are very happy that his appointment has been made permanent and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Dr. Eli Green Receives Award

Widener CHSS is pleased to inform the community that Dr. Eli Green and his co-author Luca Maurer received the Distinguished Contribution to Education and Training Award from the American Psychological Association on August 5th 2017. This Award is offered to colleagues who have made distinguished contribution to the interest, goals and purposes of Division 44 in the areas of education.  Dr. Golden of Ithaca College nominated Dr. Green and Luca Maurer for their work on the Teaching Transgender ToolKit.

CHSS is honored to have Dr. Green among our alum and adjunct faculty!

Ruby Gertz: Student Spotlight

In 2015, Ruby Gertz rode a bicycle across the country from San Francisco to Boston talking about periods! This experience is what drove her to join CHSS and pursue her MEd in Human Sexuality Education.

This year, starting April 1, six female cyclists embarked on bike tours across the United States and Mexico. The cyclists took separate routes and converged in Atlanta, Georgia to the attend the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference on June 23. Ruby started her trip from New York City on May 14.

The project is called Sustainable Cycles: it’s a pun about bicycles and menstrual cycles. Ruby and her team are focusing on raising awareness about alternative menstrual products like menstrual cups and cloth pads. Unlike conventional pads and tampons, these products do not contain any harmful chemicals or generate excess waste. They are better for your body, the environment, and your wallet!

Ruby and the other riders hosted workshops and started person-to-person conversations along three routes to the conference. Ruby is proud to be able to use what she’s learned here at CHSS to inform her talks and workshops. All the riders were eager to share samples of different products and answer questions and share stories about menstruation and women’s health in general!

At the moment, the future of access to healthcare is under threat, and Sustainable Cycles wants to give people who menstruate the opportunity to learn about their bodies and embrace the menstrual cycle as a sign of vitality.

Since 2011, “spokeswomen” have ridden more than 16,000 miles in over 30 US states and hosted dozens of workshops. Now they need your support more than ever to make this 2017 tour the biggest yet!

They have launched a fundraiser campaign to cover the cost of the trip: